Studio Scaffolding (February 21)

I’m thinking about spaces where things get done. I had a conversation recently about the “scaffolding” of a studio practice and what my supports look like. Where am I supposed to be and when am I supposed to be there? 

 There is power in delineating space and saying, “ok, here is where I work”. You carve out those neural pathways so that when your body is in that space, your brain says, “ok, it is time to work”.

 I need my studio to be like the Makoko floating school. This structure was built taking into consideration the things that are happening around it. This structure adjusts itself with the rise and fall of the water on which it floats. It is sectioned off for play, learning, and working. It is intentional, responsive, and sustainable. 

 If my studio practice could be any three things, I would like it to be intentional, responsive, and sustainable, please. 

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