Nervous Orbit

Things I’m reading: 

 The Reality Shows, Karen Finley 

Fires in the Mirror, Anna Deveare Smith 

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf, Ntozake Shange 

Imagine Being More Afraid of Freedom than Slavery, Pamela Sneed 

Poetry Is Not a Luxury, Audre Lorde 

Deciding to Live, Dorothy Allison 

Things I’m thinking about: 

 These texts have me all charged up; like if I don’t write something all that energy will fizzle up to my skin and then jitter its way out. I literally feel it in my heart—the anxiety of not making. The anxiety of not making and the fear of failure are both moons in my orbit. One long, nervous orbit. These texts are evidence that we should probably all be nervous. 

 I wrote a heroic crown sonnet last semester and I’ve unintentionally swung in the opposite direction from long poem to asking the question, how short can a poem be and still be a poem? I’m making text paintings to figure it out. I’m also reading Aram Saryoan. He’s helping, I think, but I’m not sure yet. 

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