I See Gold (March 21)

I finished one costume for this short video project. I embroidered and embellished a pair of white underwear and constructed a golden mask as well. I will probably wear a mic from inside the mask for the video.

I’m taking an approach with this project in which I am coming at the content from two ends: at one end, I have some broad ideas of the themes that I’m interested in and at the other, I’m crafting characters based on how they adorn themselves. I’m making costumes without knowing much about the character that will wear them. The themes are influencing the costumes and the costumes are influencing the script. 

I’m also thinking about how pattern influences the audience’s gaze and how pattern influences a plot. How can patterns shape a plot? Stumbling through the beginning of this project, I’m finding that a lot of disparate ideas for other projects are sliding into relevancy with this short video. These ideas have a home after I’ve struggled for years to make one for them.

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